School song

School Song

Mist cloaked sentinels, portals serene;

Of this last citadel of ancient Kings;

Home of the temple, the tank and the field;

Spirit of unity; liberty; equality;

Wafted by the breeze of a lake tranquil;

Showered with the blessings of the Nobel one

Gardian beacon our hope forever;

Nestling midst this city divine;

Lighting our pathways, guiding our footsteps;

The glow of the lamp ever leading us

Shedding differences together in unity;

Heralding a brave new free Sri Lanka;

Let’s to our motto strive ever to be true

“Wisdom through Character, Shines Ever”

Adored Alma Mater………….Long Live Thee…!!



Composed By:- Mrs. G. K. Alahakoon

Former Principal of Pushpadana Girls’ College, Kandy

song: ගාථාව, ගී, ගීතය, ගීතිකාව, ගීය, පද්‍යය, සින්දුව
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